International Conference Confirms the Need for EU Constitutional Reform in the Energy Field

On Friday, June 8th, seven green NGOs held an international conference in the Danish parliament building – Energy Transition in Europe: Options for Constitutional Reform. Among others, the conference provided documentation for a Danish political platform for European energy and climate policies.

“Now that the general political situation in Europe has opened up the possibility of reform of the EURATOM Treaty, a conference of member states government representatives should be convened as soon as possible in order to initiate a constitutional amendment procedure”, says Göran Bryntse from The Swedish Renewable Energies Organization, who was the Conference Chair. “EURATOM distorts competition in the European electricity markets, because it favours nuclear power over renewable energy technologies”.

“The alternative to EURATOM reform is abolishment and if that is also not possible, unilateral withdrawal from the treaty by one or more member states”, says Heinz Stockinger from Platform Against Nuclear Dangers Salzburg. “EURATOM is still important to the development and preservation of nuclear technology in Europe because of its constitutional and institutional legitimacy and its support mechanisms that help keep nuclear power alive”.

The conference threw light on the possibility of reform or abolishment of the EURATOM Treaty and the impacts of Brexit on The European Atomic Energy Community. Furthermore, for the first time in Denmark, the Austrian government’s proposal for a green European energy transition treaty, which is to be linked to the EU treaties as a protocol, was presented by one of its authors. The afore-mentioned was discussed in two panel debates.

“The coming agreement on the energy policies for 2020-2030 should include a Danish political platform for European energy and climate policies”, says Hans Pedersen from SustainableEnergy. “Such a platform could aim at reform or abolishment of the EURATOM Treaty and recognise that Europe needs a new overriding vision in the energy field, which only a treaty on renewable energies can fulfil. We need a stable framework for the long-term deployment of renewables”.

Link to conference website with presentations and debates:

The conference was supported by Miljø- og Energifonden, The OOA Foundation and 1. Majfonden.

For further information, please contact:

SustainableEnergy ( Hans Pedersen, Tel.: +45 51 92 24 14, E-mail: pedersen(at)

NOAH Friends of the Earth Denmark ( Niels Henrik Hooge, Tel.: +45 21 83 79 94, E-mail: nielshenrikhooge(at) and Palle Bendsen, Tel.: +45 30 13 76 95, e-mail: pnb(at)

The Danish Ecological Council ( Christian Ege, Tel.: +45 33 18 19 33, (Mob.) +45 28 58 06 98, E-mail: christian(at)

Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy ( Jane Kruse, Tel.: +45 97 95 66 00, (mob.) +45 40 60 45 51 , E-mail: jk(at)

Swedish Renewable Energies Organization ( Göran Bryntse, Tel.: +46 (0)70 – 621 71 96, E-mail: goran(at)

The Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review ( Johan Swahn, Tel.: +46 (0)31-711 00 92, (mob.): +46 (0)70-467 37 31, E-mail: johan.swahn(at)

Platform Against Nuclear Dangers Salzburg ( Heinz Stockinger, Tel.: +43 / 662 643 567,
E-mail: Heinz.Stockinger(at)

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